About Us

At Liiime, we are passionate about elevating brands through the power of strategic marketing.

Liiime brings together an experienced team of marketing experts that have over 35 years of experience dedicated to helping businesses grow. Our data-driven approach combines creativity and strategy to generate meaningful results for our clients.

We value building partnerships with our clients to deeply understand your goals and challenges. This allows us to deliver bespoke solutions tailored to your unique needs. Transparency and performance are core tenets at Liiime.

From startups to NASDAQ companies, we have worked with organizations across technology, healthcare, finance, travel, and more.

If you are looking for a marketing partner to help grow your business, contact us today. We would love to learn about your brand story and how we can help share it with the world.

We partner with organizations of all sizes across industries to craft engaging brand stories, captivate audiences, and drive business success. Some of the services we provide include:

Brand Strategy
Content Marketing
social media management
Search Engine Optimization
Email Marketing
Video Production
Web Design
Multilingual Marketing
Podcast Production
Lead Generation
Events & Tradeshows

Your Marketing Team

David m kosloski

David M. Kosloski


David is a seasoned marketing professional with over a decade of experience spanning diverse industries, from entertainment to healthcare. As the co-founder of Liiime, he brings a wealth of knowledge in digital marketing and strategic communications. He has a proven track record of transforming brand narratives and driving innovative marketing initiatives.

In addition to his professional pursuits, David is fueled by a passion for travel and spending quality time with his family. This love for exploration and connection with his loved ones has inspired him to share his journey across both the digital and natural landscapes of the world.

Drawing inspiration from his previous role, David transitioned from being Vice President of Marketing and Communications at Streamline Health to co-founding Liiime. His adaptable skill set and versatile expertise have enabled him to excel in various industries.

Furthermore, David is deeply committed to empowering local communities through his involvement with Cachi Life. This organization is dedicated to providing travelers with authentic and culturally enriching experiences. Founded in 2013, Cachi prioritizes the traditions and desires of each destination, ensuring fair wages and growth for local communities.

In his downtime, David cherishes moments spent with his family. Together, these experiences shape his holistic approach to marketing, blending a passion for innovation with a genuine connection to the world around him.

Kevin e. Groh

Kevin E. Groh

Head of SEO

Kevin is the Head of SEO and oversees the content creation, SEO strategy, and marketing, and assists with podcast planning and hosting.

Kevin Groh creates compelling SEO content for businesses looking to elevate their brand and convert customers. With a knack for connecting with audiences across industries, Kevin has cultivated a diverse portfolio of work. He began his career as a physician assistant in spine surgery and general orthopedics for 10 years, and now helps companies to establish themselves as a thought leader and appear as the ranking authority on Google.

Before Liiime, Kevin spent a decade as a physician assistant but was eager for a chance to spend more time adventuring and exploring, which led him to help co-found Liiime. Due to his background as a former physician assistant, he has extensive experience in analyzing problems and research, which has translated to understanding how to analyze keywords and create a targeted cluster strategy. Because of this, his attention to detail has been instrumental in developing Liiime as a go-to resource for those looking to elevate their brand to visibility with SEO. With a passion for problem-solving, decision-making, and analyzing, Kevin has dedicated himself to helping and guiding others on how to make decisions related to their marketing.

Taylor m watson

Taylor M. Watson

Head of Creative

Taylor Watson, a seasoned graphic designer and Creative Director, brings over a decade of expertise to his role as Head of Creative. With a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design from Middle Tennessee State University, Taylor has carved a niche in healthcare industry projects. His forte lies in creative direction for branding, web design, and marketing, where he weaves compelling narratives.

Taylor’s passion centers around empowering others’ creativity. He believes everyone possesses innate creative potential and thrives on guiding clients to realize their visions authentically. At Liiime, Taylor is dedicated to exceeding client expectations, delivering innovative solutions through collaborative creativity. His work is a testament to the transformative power of imagination, leaving a lasting impact on brands and audiences alike.

Marco p. Solórzano arellano

Marco P. Solórzano Arellano

Head of Multimedia Production

Born in Mexico with Spanish surnames, having Japanese backgrounds yet raised in the US, Marco Polo possesses a unique blend of cultures and experiences that fuel his creativity. With a heart set on his role in multimedia, he utilizes his skills to produce captivating content for Liiime and its clients to connect with all sorts of audiences. 

Despite his name and heritage signalizing a well-traveled individual, Marco’s adventures have only begun. For almost a decade, he has immersed himself in the film industry, traversing the majority of the United States and Latin America.

Constantly seeking to expand his knowledge, Marco’s goal is to become a jack of all traits. He often spends his free time learning about new and upcoming tech to speed up his processes, extending his expertise beyond just multimedia.

Marco’s dedication to his craft is not merely driven by the label of “hard work,” but rather by his genuine passion for what he does. He has a deep-rooted devotion to his family and a genuine love for humanity. His warm-hearted nature combined with his fluency in multiple languages allows him to forge meaningful connections with people from diverse backgrounds, touching their lives on a profound level.