David M. Kosloski

David m kosloski

Meet David

With over 10 years of marketing experience, David is a seasoned professional who has led initiatives across diverse industries. As a co-founder of Liiime, he utilizes his expertise in digital marketing and communications to transform brand stories and pioneer innovative campaigns.

Beyond his professional accomplishments, David has a zeal for travel and cherishes time spent with family. His thirst for exploration and meaningful bonds inspires him to traverse the globe, capturing both breathtaking vistas and special moments.

Previously, David leveraged his adaptable skillset as VP of Marketing and Communications at Streamline Health before co-founding Liiime. Through various roles, he has honed a versatile set of capabilities to drive success across different sectors.

David is also dedicated to uplifting local communities, evidenced by his involvement with Cachi Life. This organization provides authentic, enriching travel experiences while ensuring fair wages and opportunities for local destinations. Launched in 2013, Cachi emphasizes cultural traditions and needs.

When he’s not working, David prioritizes time with loved ones. These experiences shape his holistic approach to marketing, fusing innovation with genuine human connection. Through his diverse expertise and passions, David brings a well-rounded perspective to every endeavor.