Anchor Text

Anchor text refers to the visible, clickable text that links one webpage to another. It is the portion of text that makes up a hyperlink.

Key facts about anchor text:

  • Anchor text tells both users and search engines about the content found at the target webpage or resource being linked to.
  • It can influence the rankings of target pages in search engines – using relevant keywords as anchor text can improve SEO.
  • Over-optimization with keyword-stuffed anchors can seem spammy and trigger penalties. Natural, varied anchors are ideal.
  • Links with generic anchors like “page,” “article,” or “click here” provide less SEO value compared to descriptive text.
  • Using branded anchor text links back to a company’s own site can help establish site authority and brand SERP dominance.
  • Balancing anchor text with natural language and keywords is a best practice. Avoid overuse of exact-match anchors.
  • The anchor text of incoming links is evaluated as a ranking signal for SEO. Relevant anchors from authoritative sites carry more weight.
  • Anchor text, combined with the context of links, helps search engines determine relevancy and reputation.

In summary, anchor text optimization is an important but nuanced aspect of overall SEO strategy. Both internal links and external links/backlinks should be assessed for opportunities to use anchor text effectively.