Backlinks are incoming links to a website or web page from another site. Backlinks are considered an important signal for search engine optimization (SEO) because they help demonstrate the popularity and authority of a page.

Some key things to know about backlinks:

  • Backlinks act as “votes” for a website – more backlinks from reputable sites can increase a page’s search engine ranking.
  • Not all backlinks have equal value. Search engines look at factors like the quality of sites linking to you, anchor text used, if links are followed or nofollowed, etc.
  • Backlinks should ideally come from relevant sites and pages that are topically related to the content being linked to.
  • Link building refers to the SEO process of actively trying to earn quality backlinks through content marketing, outreach, networking, etc.
  • Too many low-quality links from unrelated sites can hurt a website and be seen as spammy. The focus should be on earning authoritative backlinks from trusted sources.
  • Link building and backlinks are important SEO factors, but search engines also strongly weigh the quality and value of the actual content on a page.

So in summary, earning backlinks is a signal of popularity/authority and an essential part of an organic search strategy. Still, the focus should be on building authentic links from relevant sites through creating quality content and outreach.