Branded Keywords

Branded keywords refer to search queries that include the name of a specific brand, company, product or service. Some examples:

  • Company name – “Microsoft”
  • Product name – “Oreo cookies”
  • Service name – “Uber rideshare”

Key things to know about branded keywords:

  • Help searchers find specific brands they are aware of and seeking.
  • Important for brands to rank well for their own branded terms. Shows authority and captures existing demand.
  • Ranking for your branded keywords boosts visibility, traffic and converts brand awareness into site visits.
  • SEO strategy involves optimizing for branded search volume – website content, titles, URLs, schema markup, etc.
  • Branded terms are less competitive to rank for than non-branded keywords in most cases.
  • Generic words like “shoes” are non-branded. “Nike shoes” is a branded variant.
  • Reviews and comparative content can help a brand rank for product vs brand searches.
  • Branded traffic converts well as it indicates established brand interest and awareness.
  • Helps protect brand integrity by ranking the official brand site over others.

Focusing SEO efforts on branded and non-branded keywords together ensures a brand converts demand for their specific name as well as broader category interest.