Dofollow Link

A dofollow link is a type of hyperlink that passes link equity (ranking power) to the destination page being linked to. This is the default type of link on the web.

Key characteristics:

  • Search engines will crawl and index dofollow links, following them to the destination page.
  • Link equity and anchor text will get passed to the target page, which can influence its search rankings.
  • Dofollow links are treated as a vote of confidence in the linked page, boosting its authority.
  • Reciprocal linking between sites in naturally editorially relevant content uses dofollow links.
  • Comments on blogs and forums usually have dofollow links unless nofollow is added.
  • Dofollow links in quality content from reputable sites are desirable for SEO value.
  • Too many low-quality dofollow links could be seen as manipulative or an attempt to spam rankings.
  • Unlike nofollow links, dofollow links are not instructing search bots to ignore the link or pass no equity.
  • Whether a link is dofollow or nofollow is not visible to site visitors – only to search engine crawlers.

Dofollow links are the most common and beneficial type of link for SEO purposes when acquired through ethical practices as part of natural linking strategies.