Domain Rating (DR)

Domain rating refers to metrics calculated by various tools and algorithms that aim to evaluate the authority and trustworthiness of a website’s domain name. Some key aspects:

  • Provides a score assessing overall domain quality to help identify reputable, trustworthy sites.
  • Quantifies domain authority which can influence search engine rankings and keyword competitiveness.
  • Often ranges on a 1-100 scale with higher being better. May also use a 10-point scale.
  • Based on factors like age of domain, organic traffic metrics, linking root domains, backlink quality and quantity.
  • Tools like Moz’s Domain Authority, Ahrefs Domain Rating and Majestic’s Trust Flow help calculate domain ratings.
  • Higher ratings suggest a domain has built solid SEO fundamentals over time and merits trust.
  • Newer domains start out with lower ratings but can improve by building reputation and authority.
  • Domain ratings help inform evaluating sites for things like backlink outreach and guest posting.
  • Can also assess changes in domain reputation over time due to penalties, lost links, new content, etc.

Optimizing all the factors that contribute to higher domain rating is a core component of strengthening a website’s overall SEO standing and search visibility.