Featured Snippet

A featured snippet is a special block or box that appears at the top of Google search results pages and provides a concise summary of the most relevant information for a user’s query.

Key characteristics of featured snippets:

  • Directly answers the searcher’s query in a succinct format, usually including a title, summary, and a link to the source.
  • Aimed at providing users with immediate information to satisfy their search intent quickly.
  • Generated automatically by Google’s algorithms based on its assessment of the most relevant page content.
  • Can include lists, tables, images, or videos in addition to text-based summaries.
  • Appears above the main organic search listings, giving the snippet enhanced visibility and click potential.
  • Highly coveted real estate that websites optimize content to try and “rank” for.
  • Google will display multiple competing snippets if it can’t identify one authoritative result.
  • Winning a featured snippet can drive significant increases in traffic and visibility for a site.

In SEO, the goal is to create comprehensive, well-structured content optimized around topics Google considers worthy of a featured snippet to earn enhanced visibility and clicks from searchers.