Gated Content

Gated content refers to any website content that sits behind a registration wall or paywall and requires the user to submit information or pay to access it.

Key aspects of gated content:

  • Used to capture visitor data like email addresses in exchange for premium content access.
  • Can improve lead generation and conversions but may deter casual visitors.
  • Puts content behind a literal gate like a login form or signup process to control access.
  • Gating may reduce total visitor traffic as some shy away from submitting info or paying.
  • Search engines are unable to fully crawl and index gated content which limits its discoverability.
  • Some gated content can be previewed or summarized outside the paywall for SEO.
  • Helps build qualified audiences but too much gating could limit overall growth potential.
  • Allows monetization of in-demand content via subscriptions or payment.
  • Email registration walls are a lighter form of gating than hard paywalls.

Strategic use of content gating for monetization, lead gen, and audience building should be balanced with search visibility and SEO considerations.