Google Alerts

Google Alerts is a free monitoring service from Google that sends notifications about new search results based on specified keywords or phrases.

Key facts about Google Alerts:

  • Allows tracking of key terms across the web like your brand, product, and competitor names.
  • Alerts notify you via email when new results appear for your set search queries.
  • Useful for reputation monitoring, competitive analysis, trend tracking, and staying atop news.
  • Can be customized for country, language, frequency, and source filtering.
  • Helpful for link building by identifying new mentions to connect with.
  • Allows discovery of new authoritative content around target topics.
  • Provides quick monitoring without manual ongoing searches.
  • Can indicate increases in search volume and interest in keywords.
  • Limit alerts to terms and competitors most relevant to focus goals.
  • Available through standard Google Accounts.

Setting up Google Alerts gives SEOs and marketers hands-off search tracking for important branding, competitive, and industry terms – saving time while staying informed.